Day four

Breakfast was okay. I like the protein pancake I normally make for breakfast better. Grace and jack each only had a couple bites, and they devour my normal one. Mike and Ty loved this one, and they don’t like mine. To eah their own though. 

Dinner was awesome! There isn’t enough leftovers for me though. I’m disappointed about that. 
I felt much thinner looking in the belly at dance tonite. I suppose I will see how the video looks, it doesn’t lie.
Making cupcakes for mike’s bday tomorrow. He always wants cake, but these are Boston cream. I hope he likes them!
I ate dinner, then went to dance for 2 hours. I had a banana with coconut when I came home. Now I’m starving again. 
I will crunch some calorie numbers tomorrow, I don’t like going to bed hungry.