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It seems to be a fad these days, people going gluten free. Expecting miracle cures. When you live with chronic pain, or you have member in your family with too much energy, severe social problems, or can't settle the thoughts in their head, you would love a cure. While gluten free won't be that cure, it can drastically improve the situations, and I am more than willing to roll the dice and see if we can get lucky.

Our family has decided to go gluten free. It is scary and exciting, and eating outside of the […]

Gluten Free Family

They say all the time that health is a continual journey. I have really seen that for myself this year. If has taken me 35 years to get to this place. I have had good mental health, good physical health before, but I had never really put it all together in a conscious sort of way. Man, it feels fantastic. But I can't stop growing from here, maybe I won't make as many changes to my routines, but I need to keep pressing on. My life depends upon me continuing to keep going.

I have a post-it that sits on my computer. It is at the bottom of the screen, so […]

Becoming Never Ends

Total health and wellness body transformation is a mouthful. An all encompassing program needs a big name for […]