Total health and wellness body transformation is a mouthful. An all encompassing program needs a big name for all it’s awesomeness. I could create a broccoli and chicken breast diet with 2 hour a day work outs and daily diet pills and guarantee your weight loss. That is not what this program is all about. We are going to change your body by changing your life. You will need to make healthy food choices, record all food choices, make time to exercise, and do simple journaling activities. I will help keep you accountable with daily texts, weekly tips, and suggested lifestyle changes. 
I am full of knowledge and experience, I’m excited to be able to dedicate individual time to pour into those ready to make a change. Due to the time investment for each person, I am only taking 5 people starting March 16. I will have a wait list for others interested, but I am not sure if I will open up a new section every month.
For those who have 20 pounds to lose, it will probably be 3 months until you are comfortable with the changes and weight loss. If you have 50 pounds, I anticipate working with you for 3 months. Individuals looking to lose 100 pounds, I expect to work with you for 12 months. 
You can email [email protected] with any questions on the program. Be sure to claim your spot before they fill up!