Know Thyself

My mentor’s husband, Lonnie Crim, always says, Know Thyself. It is from Ancient Greek, but I think of him when I say it.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you, right? But all challenges are not right for all people. This makes it ever so important to know yourself. I have learned about myself from Gretchen Rubin and her habit research. If you follow her at all, you know she says that no type of person is better than another. It is just best to own who you are. Knowing yourself will help you set reasonable goals. It will help you to choose action steps in line with your strengths. Knowing yourself also allows you to set your lead domino. Gary Keller’s The One Thing was a great book for me. My one thing is actually to write a plan the night before. I’m more likely to get my work out in, healthy meals cooked, water drank, and time spent with my kiddos.

Gary Keller's The One Thing has really helped change the way I look at what I prioritize in my day.







Do you know which of Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies you are? Are you a morning or night person? What is your lead domino?

As you sit down and really think about yourself, you can take a close look at your priorities. Your actions, or inactions, are a direct reflection of your priorities. They say living healthy is just one choice at a time. Seems to simple, but it is so true.

Back to Gretchen Rubin, if yo are an upholder, you just need to decide to make a change. If you are an obliger, you need to find someone to hold you accountable or someone to work out with you,. If you are a questioner, you need to discover the who what when and why, and then you need to take action. If you are a rebel, you need to find a way to buck societal norms to get healthy.

Gretchen Rubin defines the four tendencies as upholder, obliger, rebel, and questioner. Which one are you?








Then identify how your domino, from Gary Keller, will set you up for success. If working out first thing in the morning gets you to eat all healthy meals and drink all your water, schedule the work out. If going for a walk at lunch is how you are guaranteed to hit the gym after work, you better pack your walking shoes with your lunch tote.

Now that you have sat down and really thought about yourself, go forth and make choices that reflect the person you want to be. Healthy is not a destination, no need to wait until you get somewhere to start making healthy choices. Just start!