Coach Becka

I have long considered myself to be like a Coach Becka. But where does what I do differ from being a coach? Sometimes I’m a therapist, other times I am gentle push-reminder of your goals. I decided to try a coaching program this summer, to strengthen some skills and develop others. If you know me, you know I am a life long learner. I really love Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies. Earlier this year, I finally got into the Enneagram stuff. Even though I know how to set effective goals for others, I still a not a hand holder, so I keep digging deeper to better the accountability I can offer.

In our coaching program, we have talked a lot about values. Learning and positivity were high on my testing scales. It was fun to work through to get to my number one value. To be successful, all my goals need to be in line with my values. Now, doesn’t that sound so easy, like why didn’t we all think of that already?

We also have talked about blocks when it comes to reaching goals. The biggest obstacle is setting a goal that doesn’t align with our values. It has also dived into overcoming those obstacles, like perfection and procrastination and all or nothing thinking and over generalization. Listening to the lessons really has me fired up to help others.

But I know myself. I don’t have the emotional capacity, or time, frankly, to help people in a one on one setting to get to the root of their issues. I will be using some of my new knowledge in group settings though. My big goal for this year is still to improve the accountability offered to boot campers. I refuse to be a handhold, because accountability is a two way street. I really feel like I am getting to the best version possible for me.

If you are interested in accountability in reaching your goals, what are your current goals? What are your biggest obstacles? Drop your answers in the comments, and let’s have some dialogue.