Back to School, Back to Routine

Often times, summer is filled with fun and vacations and parties. The start of school signals a return to structure in our day. Even for those of us who work. I know I found time for parks, the book and water fun with the kids, in between work.

Now we are getting into the swing of school and fall sports. Kids have a morning routine, an after school routine, and a bedtime routine. It isn’t perfect, and will require tweaking, but it is a starting point. I fully embrace the progress not perfection motto in life. If you skip prayers one night, or brushing your teeth one morning, why whole day isn’t a waste. Doing the best you can every day will never be doing everything, every day for me.

start small, make healthy choices every day






I have a well established morning routine myself. Pretty sure most know, but just in case, I follow Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. My first 30 minutes include waking up, stretching, and brushing my teeth. The next hour has affirmations, journaling, reading, exercising, devotionals, and visualizing components. It helps set my tone for the day and keep me present in the moment.

As I have solidified the little two’s bedtime routine, I have started back up with my own. I fold laundry, brush my teeth, and get on jammies myself while they bathe and do the same. It helps to signal to my body that I, too, am getting ready for bed. I say bedtime prayers with them, we listen/say along to some youtube favorites many nights. While they have their bedtime meditation (Peace Out from Cosmic Kids Yoga), I read a book. Once they are in bed, I go downstairs to chat with Ty and plan the following day.

I’ve changed up the eating department too. Breakfast, lunch, and any between meal stuff is cooed in the fridge. Just heat and eat. Last week I baked a turkey breast, used my instant pot for green beans, and picked several cucumbers from the garden. This week, I made some sausage and from the garden I have both eggplant and cucumbers. Dinner leftovers are always an option as well.

I am looking forward to Jack heading back to school next month to change up my workouts. This month, I often don’t get more than my 10 minute run in the whole day. The plan is to add a longer workout, three days a week, while Jack is at school.

If you're looking for a breakthrough, try breaking your routine






I know that I really thrive on structure and routine, but not everyone does. I find it gives me the ability to be creative and spontaneous without the stress of what I “should be” doing. Since I wrote down what I should do, I know exactly what I need to make up at a later date. Or better yet, I know how much I have gotten done and can take the break to have some fun. Don’t fall into the perfectionist trap of trying to plan every second of your day. You need transition time, and down time, and even catch up because you got behind time.

Is there an area you could create some routine or structure? It doesn’t have to be perfect, and no one is grading you or your execution completion. You can share your plan with my group of friends for added accountability and inspiration too!