But I just need to lose a little in my tummy…

Exercising a particular area of the body will help to create some muscle tone, but you really need to change what you are putting in your mouth if you want to see definition and weight loss.

I really can’t re-invent the wheel on this topic, but it is something that I get so often, so I want to share some good resources. If you are wondering if what you are eating is actually healthy for your body, check out these 10 signs that it is the right food for you.

There are lots of reasons to lift weights outside of spot reducing. Things like better functional movement, stronger bones, better endurance, and then there is the building of muscle, even if you can’t see the definition.

The foods you eat can really play a part in the results you see in your body, here is why you should eat lean protein, healthy fats, and clean carbohydrates to see some toning in your body. Eating these foods without the work in the gym will not yield the results you are expecting.

Where can you find lean protein? There seems to be a lot of different information on that one. I’m not going to debate a scholarly article, like this one from Harvard Health. I will point out the article states whole grains and vegetables can be a good source of protein, yet doesn’t list either on its list of best sources of protein. It does say to look at the whole package, and I would like to echo that. The protein in a glass of milk is equivalent to the sugar in a glass of milk, that is okay for some people but others need to beware.

When should you eat protein? According to American College of Sports Medicine, protein pre work out can help decrease fat mass, while increasing lean muscle mass and strength. Protein pre work out is also being shown to improve recovery and muscle hypertrophy. Protein post work out has been shown to increase skeletal muscle hypertrophy, research supports there may be an anabolic window in which to consume protein post work for the greatest help in protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Post work out, you should find lean protein and starchy carbohydrates to refuel and repair your body, according to Breaking Muscle. While healthy fat makes you feel full between meals, post work out is not he optimal time to consume it. You want your body to turn to its stored fat supplies post work out, not the meal you just ate.

If you have read this whole thing, especially if you have clicked through the links, then the information is important to you. In that case, I am happy to have helped you learn a little more today. The information out there can be confusing and contradictory, at times, and I don’t want you to be paralyzed with information. No one has come up with the one perfect way to eat, so make some choices and move. If you are not getting the results you want, then you need to re-evaluate and determine where you can tweak things. But you will never know what doesn’t work if you don’t try something first. So, what guidelines will you set for yourself for eating? I actually don’t abide by the working out after eating thought. I do believe that is part of why I don’t have the definition I would like. But I wake up at 330 to work out at 4. Getting up earlier to eat first is not feasible. If we all lived in a bubble, it would make things easier, but since we don’t, I do what I have to in order to reach some level of fitness. I’m happy to talk with you to help determine where you can improve your eating habits to see some of the toning we all admire.