Why should you try a virtual fitness class?

Why should you try a virtual fitness class was not on my list of topics to write about in 2020. However, in March of this year, everything as we know it changed. We spent months talking about waiting to “get back to normal” and that evolved into “our new normal”, and by now, many people are just tired of something about our current lifestyle. We have learned that the scientific process we learned in elementary school still applies to scientists. They create a hypothesis and test it out, making adjustments in their conclusions. The CDC thought the average American wasn’t smart enough to wear a mask properly, so they encouraged us to not buy N95 masks, only to reverse their wording and motivate Americans to wear a mask in public. We have been told that places where large people gather are not good for our health, so gyms were one of the many places closed. One thing that has never changed, taking care of your health should be a priority when it comes to preventing and overcoming illness. Which is why I wanted to share some reasons why you should try a virtual fitness class.

*Your gym has changed/closed/gone virtual. It is hard to overcome schedule changes. If you used to attend a 5 AM class, before work, in theory, you could be waking up at 6 AM, exercising and still logging into work on time. Yet you’re not. Having a virtual option can bring that accountability back.

*Your child care situation has changed. With so many children e-learning, after school care options reduced, and financial needs changing in houses, you may not be able to make it to an in person class. Virtual classes give you the option to keep up with your fitness routine, while staying home.

-On another note, exercise is important for our children too. It is more important than ever before to find ways to encourage your children to stay active. By attending virtual fitness classes with your child, you are spending quality time while simultaneously teaching a great life lesson about prioritizing your health.

*Humans crave connection. We are literally designed to connect with other human beings. Some of us are feeling over-connected to our house members, while others are totally isolated. All of us can benefit from the connection within a virtual fitness group. Working towards similar goals, motivated by being on a journey with others.

*Professional guidance is more readily available virtually than ever before. Just a few years ago, the way to workout at home was via video. An instructor was coaching and cueing in general, but now we can get individual attention. The instructor is able to correct you in real time, as well as over modifications to make the exercise easier or harder.

*Push your comfort zone, while still being a little comfortable. It can be intimidating to walk into a fitness class when you aren’t sure of your ability to perform like everyone else in the class. It becomes a little easier to pop into a class as a little square. You can also build the confidence and courage to try a class when the description is outside your usual class.

*Accountability is a huge key to success. When you just do your own workout, or press play on a video, there is no outer accountability. Being live in a virtual class can push you to give a little more effort in class. The community formed in the virtual format is counting on you to show up, just like in person classes.

*Routine is important for our mental health. Far more people are struggling with mental health this pandemic season than previous years. Scheduling a virtual class each day can give you a sense of routine. That structure to your day gives you a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to see how you are doing.

*Regular exercise helps contribute to a healthier immune system. It has been studied that exercise can help with chronic pain, as well as reduce your risk for various diseases such as heart disease. It also lends itself to better general health, which improves your overall immune system. A properly, efficiently working immune system helps your body to fight off illness and infection.

There are so many options today when it comes to virtual fitness class options. I challenge you to try a few different classes, and find the right fit for you. The fit will be based on your goals, abilities, schedule, and the community within the virtual platform. My suggestion is that you try a virtual fitness platform that offers a variety of classes. It would be very remiss of me to not pass on information on how to see our schedule at Becka’s Boot Camp. I offer 45 minute boot camp classes. Solvei offers 45 and 60 minute boot camp, strength, and cardio classes. Lamaiya offers 45-60 minute zumba, chair yoga, strength yoga, core yoga, and restorative yoga classes. When you buy a virtual class pass, you can mix and match classes between all three of us.