ADIO Chiro Zyto Scan

The Zyto scan being offered at ADIO is awesome. It was relatively quick, and definitely a painless process. I was brought into a room, where I had to place my hand on a hand cradle as the testing process occurred. Being that I come from a gym, the silver portions reminded me of a scale that measures body fat percentages. In total, the scan lasted about 20 minutes. I have heard that sometimes it is even faster. It depends on the type of scans that are run.

The zyto report was then printed out for me. I am now in the process of working through how I can use the information to help me. Some of the things were what was off in my Chinese meridian, which organs were being taxed, where my back alignment is off, what food additives are not great for me, to what metals my body reacts too. The chiropractor is using this information to try and help my body work most efficiently.

The zyto scan showed was not at all a surprise for me, like that I have some inflammation and autoimmune markers. While other things, like the metal I react to is gold, was surprising.

The process

It is an expensive process, as most of the treatments are not currently covered by insurance. While I would love to say, this is what the test showed and I have done all these treatments already, well that doesn’t match my budget.

I had already been going in for some Applied Kinesiology treatments, where Dr Danny uses manual muscle tests to see what various nutrients, environmental factors, and viruses my body reacts to and works to reverse those reactions. I am not fluent in the technical side of it all, but I can tell you I have noticed a difference. He is now using the data from the Zyto scan to map out a clearer plan for treatment.

Going Forward

I am excited for what it to come, that we have a roadmap to follow. I look forward to a day of decreased chronic pain issues. Of actual, total, whole body health. I will continue to update you all along the process. Especially when I understand more of the technical side of it all, which is information overload at this point for me.

I feel that sometimes I am jumping into too many things at once with the chiropractor, in full disclosure. I wish that I would have asked, what is the process and number of sessions I should do of each of these. Or even, which order should I do them in. I am trying though! I actually even suggested that after the zyto scan, we do a follow up with a suggested action plan. Then, I could see time and financial wise, where I am going to focus. I just hope that I am not doing things in a backwards order.