Week three underway

This morning I led the butternut squash cakes. They had great flavor, but didn’t turn out good looking. I made a couple over easy instead of poached. Just easier for me that way. The cakes had sage, like the breakfast sausage. I guess I should use sage more often in my breakfast because it goes really well together. 

The hummus is yummy, in a small amount. Which is good, I won’t be inclined to over eat when served. 
We had the pork kabobs last nite. They were really yummy. I heated a second one up after the gym. The microwave really brought out the char taste. I was disappointed. Next time, I will reheat in the oven for taste reasons. 
Tonite we had rosemary chicken that was great. The asparagus was with sesame seeds. Different and really good. Gave a little extra texture. 
Mike made the batter tonite for our breakfast crepes. The recipe wasn’t actually in our meal plan, so now I will need to go buy more eggs tomorrow. It took me forever to make breakfast this morn, so here is to hoping tomorrow is quicker with some prep done. 
This weekend, I was at a retreat, so I couldn’t have much say over my meals. And then Monday night we had our Seder. Not much say it that meal either. I am so glad to be back on track though.