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“When I first came to Becka’s Bootcamp I thought I was in decent shape. I had just lost about 20 pounds and I thought Bootcamp would just be another workout. Well needless to say I got my butt kicked! And that is exactly what I needed! I have been going to Becka’s Bootcamp for almost 2 1/2 years now and I have never felt more strong and healthy. She gives great advice on food, exercise or anything really. Although working out can be painful sometimes, Becka is always there with a smile and conversation to keep you distracted from those awful burpees!” Stephanie Bills


“Prior to Becka’s Boot Camp, I was a gym rat in the city.  After I moved to the suburbs, I was looking for a challenging, quality program with variety & fun.  I was introduced to her program from a co-worker & have not regretted it.  She offers a well-rounded program that is demanding, exciting, and inspiring.  Becka’s workout is no joke, she does all variations of burpees, man makers, running, training ropes, “the” tire, pull ups, TRX suspension training, & the list goes on…no time for repetitive routine boredom!  She’s passionate, easy to work with, and has become a great sounding board.  I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to change to a healthy & stimulating lifestyle.   She has great, healthy recipes too.

In the end, she will push you to what appeared impossible; consequently, leading to a stronger healthier you!!” Daphne Kinzig

“I was nervous to start working out again after an injury and months of inactivity. Becka’s has a comfortable environment with workouts that are varied and challenging. She encourages you but without pressure. I thought a workout was only on a cardio machine before meeting Becka. I am so glad to have found her bootcamp and pocket training.” Steph, Grayslake