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Are you happy? Or does the thought of the holidays bring you the blues? Maybe we can start to change that this year. Find your health and happiness.

My whole theme for December is around #NewYearNewYou because, for many of us, a clean slate helps We […]

A Clean Slate for Happiness

Stress eating, boredom eating, comfort eating, celebration eating, eating, eating, eating… Sound familiar? It is engrained into us […]

What fuels you?

Got this recipe from Ingredients 1 lb chicken breasts, […]

Chinese Chicken Salad

What are you eating for? Becka's Boot Camp 1

I find myself so often saying/thinking: “That’s a dieters mentality.” Do you find yourself eating the kids’ food […]

What are you eating for?

Such a loaded question! But since this is my blog, I get to share my thoughts. I like […]

What is clean eating?