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Running is such great exercise. Where do you go to find information on recovery though? I have taken some of my thoughts and put them all in one place, so the information is centralized. Running is hard on the body, so you need to take care of your body post run to maximize improvement, and decrease recovery time.

I was recently asked about post running recovery, and I thought I would share my thoughts and insights […]

Post Running Soreness

It seems to be a fad these days, people going gluten free. Expecting miracle cures. When you live with chronic pain, or you have member in your family with too much energy, severe social problems, or can't settle the thoughts in their head, you would love a cure. While gluten free won't be that cure, it can drastically improve the situations, and I am more than willing to roll the dice and see if we can get lucky.

Our family has decided to go gluten free. It is scary and exciting, and eating outside of the […]

Gluten Free Family