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Most of us developed bad relationships with food and bad habits surrounding food without ever realizing what was happening. Now as adults, we need to undo our bad habits. As I help others make healthy lifestyle changes, I am also trying to teach my own children to have healthy relationships with things, like food and money and working out, so that they never find themselves in the situations my clients are in as they age.

I had a great conversation the other day about our habits, and frankly about our unhealthy relationships with […]

Eating Habits and Growing Up

Running is like a drug these days for me. I am able to clear my mind, my joints don't ache. I feel strong and accomplished. It is hard to get out of bed though. Man, do I struggle with waking up the last week or so,

It is starting to become real that I am actually running a 15K race. This weekend will be […]

Race Day is Coming!

your perspective can be a game changer. focus on the changes you need to make to be healthy. weight loss is not the end goal. the goal is to be healthy from the inside out and your weight is only one part of it.

Why are some people successful in weight loss? What makes some thrive in adversity? It is all about […]

Gearing Up For Change