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We have started a 10,00 squat in 30 day challenge. It is a great test of character as to who will stick with it.If someone hands you a plan, do you have enough follow through to see it to its completion? What if others are on the journey with you and helping push you along? It is all in the follow through. This isn't an all or nothing test. Miss a day? Make it up the next!

So we started a squat challenge. 10,000 squats in a month. My legs hurt in places I didn’t […]

Squat Challenge

Portions and Splurges Becka's Boot Camp How big of a portion should you eat? How often can you splurge? How do you do it? I am not perfect, nor do I aspire to be. It isn't realistic for me, so I won't tried to force perfection onto anyone else. Life is not an all or nothing principle.

I was asked about portions and splurges on vacations and special occasions and thought I’d share with everyone […]

Portions and Splurges