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You need to shower daily, so yes, you need to find ways to motivate yourself daily. If you are not internally motivated, then find someone who will motivate you!

What motivates you and drives you? Some people work out because it feels great, others do it to […]

Motivate Daily

Becka is ful lot answers to your excuses and full of tough love for those looking to change their lifestyle. No need to sugar coat, the process is hard. The journey, though, is so rewarding. Follow the blog for more Becka ramblings.

I am so excited to be joining the wordpress world! To make this process streamlined, I will be […]

Hello, friends!

Total health and wellness body transformation is a mouthful. An all encompassing program needs a big name for […]


Journal Activity Becka's Boot Camp

Please don’t just read this, pull out a notebook and pen, and follow the prompts. What is your […]

Journal Activity