Monthly Archives: April 2014

This morning I led the butternut squash cakes. They had great flavor, but didn’t turn out good looking. […]

Week three underway

The Asian egg this morning was different. Ginger is a little strong so early in the morning. The […]

Day 9

Today was good. Really enjoyed the salmon. And dinner was good too. A little too much rosemary for […]

Day nine

The soup tonite was amazing! Lunch sounded great, but I had to eat the spaghetti squash. Coconut milk, […]

Week two

This week had high points and low points, and totally off track times. Favorite snack was adding coconut […]

Week one done

Breakfast was okay. I like the protein pancake I normally make for breakfast better. Grace and jack each […]

Day four

Today was good. Modified breakfast a little. The trail mix was great with the coconut! Starving again tonite. […]

Day three

We started the challenge yesterday, but today was the first full 24 on the plan. I added a […]

First full day

Stepping up our game here at home. We are following the month long plan from paleoaholic. I’m excited […]